F.A.Q.'s | MSO Frequently Asked Questions


Can I download, sell or share the video tutorials?
The short answer is no. The tutorials on Music School Online are only available for individual streaming. We ask that you also don't steal our copyrighted content, or otherwise share our videos on torrents and social networks. We are not a big corporation; we are a small company sharing our hard earned knowledge with you. Please respect what we are trying to do for you. We offer lots of great free content that you can share as much as you want. Please pay the small price that we charging per month if you'd like that knowledge. Thank you for your honesty and support!

What is your return policy?
There are no returns since this is a subscription service. If you cancel your subscription within a billing cycle, your account will remain active for the remainder of the billing cycle and you will not be billed further.

How do I pay with a credit card?
Either PayPal or the Credit Card selection can be used. Simply select either PayPal or Credit Card while in the 'Set-up Billing' portion of the account setup.

Will you be adding other instruments?
Possibly, but for now, we are focused on adding content with new lessons for the piano / synth, guitar, voice, drums, bass, and rhythm section.

Do you offer a degree, certificate or accredited courses?
No, Music School Online does not offer a degreed program, but we have created extensive content to teach you how to sing and play piano, guitar, drums and bass. We also offer rhythm section lessons for drummers and bass players and comprehensive music theory lessons / courses for all from beginner to college level. Furthermore, our instructors have decades of experience as full-time professional musicians working with some of the biggest artists on the planet. They bring their real world experience, knowledge and skills to you through their online tutorials.

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