Music is calling. Which instrument speaks to you?

Guitar can cover an entire song - perfect for songwriting or rocking a party
It's portable - sling it on your back and go anywhere
No other instrument solos like the guitar
Can be played alone or with a band
Learn to Play Guitar
Drums are the heartbeat of music and the foundation on which songs are built
Use all four limbs and build coordination, aerobic and muscle strength
Drummers can make percussion instruments out of anything that can be struck
Drummers work together with the bass player as the rhythm section to drive the band
Learn to Play Drums
Piano covers the widest range from high to low - it's a whole orchestra at your fingertips
It provides both melody and harmony - You can play an entire song on the piano alone
Music theory is easy to learn on a piano - it's all laid out in front of you
Can be played solo or with a band and is a music producer's best tool
Learn to Play Piano
Bass rules the low end of the song
It's an easy instrument to get started with, but takes a lifetime to master
Bass provides the link between rhythm and melody
Together with the drummer, the bass player shapes the groove for the whole band
Learn to Play Bass
It's the first instrument most of us are born with and it doesn't take any equipment to play
Voice carries the meaning of the song combining poetry and melody
The spotlight is yours to take if you want it
Sing solo, in a choir or with a band
Learn to Play Voice
Music Theory
Music theory is the common language all musicians use and the foundation of music
It gives you the tools to learn how to compose your own songs
It works the same for all instruments - everyone should learn it!
Knowledge of music theory gives you a deeper understanding of how music works
Learn to Play Music Theory
learn to play like the pros
your way. anywhere. any time.