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Learn how to play the bass! The bass is a rhythm instrument like drums and is essential to the movement of a song. It can be flashy or mellow. Either way, the bass is a groovy instrument for groovy individuals. Have you ever wanted to become a bassist, play in a band, or just play for fun? Music School Online (MSO) will teach you how. more...

Our online bass lessons and courses are designed with the approach to teach skills coupled with songs using hits in pop, country, urban, rock, and a few classics to get you playing your favorite tunes quickly. Plus, you will learn directly from bass players who have played with major label artists including Sting, Sharon Jones, 9 Days, and more! The best part is you learn to play bass on your schedule, at your own pace, wherever you are.

Check out our Rhythm Section tutorials to learn the fundamentals of how to play bass with drums to create and lock in the beat, set the tempo, and get your audience on their feet. These lessons are a MUST for those of you in a band or aspiring to be.
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