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Episode 01 - Treble Clef

Learn the basics of music theory starting with the treble clef. Alfie Magliano (Skrizzly Adams, Niykee Heaton, Sean Kingston) explains what the lines and spaces of the treble clef are, how to find the notes on the staff, and how this corresponds to the piano keyboard. Music Theory is the study of the language of music. Music School Online (MSO) presents 66 very comprehensive video tutorials to learn pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, notation, chords, inversions, scales and so much more that will unlock the secrets to communicating with other musicians. You do not need to know music theory to be a musician, but you will gain a deeper understanding of how and why music works, which will give you more power to create your own music. Utilize these music theory tutorials as a reference guide or an all encompassing education. We include supplemental drills, quizzes, and other reference material to enhance your learning experience. 
Treble Clef
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