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Episode 16 - Solfege

Learn the fundamentals of music theory continuing with the concept of solfege, a system of reading notes by assigning different, pleasant sounding syllables to the each note in the major scale regardless of what key it is in. This makes singing the scale degrees more pleasing to the ear. Do re mi fa sol la ti do sounds better than 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Alfie Magliano (Skrizzly Adams, Niykee Heaton, Sean Kingston) further explains the concept of moveable do when using a different major scale. Alfie also describes the concept of transposition, or shifting the key of the song. This music theory lesson is one of many designed to provide you with music education pertaining to pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, notation, chords, inversions, scales and so much more that unlock the secrets to communicating with other musicians. Learn music theory at your own pace whenever and wherever you want at Music School Online (MSO).
Singing the Scale Degrees
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