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Episode 27 - Minor Triads

Learn the fundamentals of music theory continuing with minor triads. Alfie Magliano (Skrizzly Adams, Niykee Heaton, Sean Kingston) demonstrates how a minor triad is built on the root, or first degree of the scale, the third degree and the fifth degree, which is the same as a major triad, but with the order switched. This small change from major to minor creates a very different emotion. Minor triads are known to sound melancholy and Alfie shows you the difference between the major and the minor triad on the keyboard and has some fun demonstrating the differences with current pop songs. This is just one of 66 comprehensive music theory video tutorials at Music School Online (MSO) teaching pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, notation, chords, inversions, scales and so much more that unlock the secrets to communicating with other musicians. Utilize these music theory lessons as a reference guide or an all encompassing music education. Learn music theory at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.  
Exploring Minor Chords
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