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Stick Control - How to Hold Drum Sticks

Learn stick control and how to hold drum sticks. This is the very first thing you need to learn as a drummer! Matt Teitelman (Kanye West) teaches you the parts of the drum stick including the tip, the shoulder, the shaft, and the butt. Matt then explains how to find the fulcrum, or the balance point on the stick, to find the sweet spot where you will hold the stick between your index finger and thumb. Matt also goes over the concept of matched grip and basic techniques of playing with your sticks. Remember, if you can't control your sticks, you can't control your drums!Be sure to check out the other stick control lessons and the other drum tutorials available at Music School Online utilizing current popular songs and iconic classics to teach aspiring and seasoned musicians in a fun, connective way. Learn how to play drums at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.
Stick Technique Essentials
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