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Stick Control - Paradiddle-diddle

Learn stick control and how to play a paradiddle-diddle on drums. Matt Teitelman (Kanye West) shows you another drum rudiment, the paradiddle-diddle. Matt explains what strokes make up a paradiddle-diddle, where the accent is, and how to play them with increasing and decreasing speed. This is another rudiment that loops on itself beginning and ending on the same hand. Be sure to practice both ways, starting on both the left hand and the right hand, evenly and equally. Remember, if you can't control your sticks, you can't control your drums!Be sure to check out the other Stick Control lessons and the other drum tutorials available at Music School Online utilizing current popular songs and iconic classics to teach aspiring and seasoned musicians in a fun, connective way. Learn how to play drums at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.
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