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Reggae Grooves - Part 2 80s-90s

Explore reggae grooves part 2 from the 80's and 90's. In this rhythm section lesson, Dylan Wissing (Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Drake) and Antar Goodwin (Sting, Patty Smyth, 9 Days) continue their discussion on the roots of reggae. They talk about the progression of reggae from mostly live instruments to when other influences like synthesizers, drum machines, rap music, and dub production enter the scene and change the sound. Dylan & Antar dissect the rhythm section on 3 tunes and discuss playing techniques.Be sure to check out our other rhythm section tutorials at Music School Online to learn the fundamentals of how playing the drums and the bass together creates and locks in the beat, sets the tempo of the song, and gets the audience on their feet. These lessons are a must for those of you in a band or aspiring to be. Learn how to create a rhythm section.
Reggae Roots
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