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Rhythmic Counting 06 - Common Rhythms 2

Learn the fundamentals of rhythmic counting from globe-trotting percussionist, Matt Teitelman (Kanye West). In this music theory lesson, gain a deeper understanding of how to recognize, count, feel, and write rhythm in modern music with the introduction to common rhythms part 2 using quarter notes, dotted quarter notes, and eighth notes. Matt demonstrates various common rhythms by counting the beat and clapping the rhythm using the 2|4 time signature. This lesson is just one of many music theory tutorials exploring the study of the language of music here at Music School Online (MSO). You do not need to know music theory to be a musician, but you will gain a deeper understanding of how and why music works, which will give you more power to create your own music. Learn music theory at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.
Common Quarter, Dotted Quarter, and Eighth Note Rhythms
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